Three Choices
The Glass Key

The script on the north door is written in Elven:
“I watched in awe as glorious fey
Swung wide the king’s door and rushed on their way.
Of those that departed on that happy day,
None returned, all passed away.”

The script on the west door is written in Supernal:
“I watched in secret, the pious gather before.
Then the wisest, by far, cried – “Open the priest’s door!”
Though they entered forewarned and armed with great lore,
Each, once departed, returned never more.”

The script on the east door is written in Abyssal:
“I watched filled with fear as they fed their desire.
They killed all they found in priestly attire.
They threw open hot doors to a world filled with fire;
When passion exhausted, each one did expire.”


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