Between the Wellspring compound and the walls of Sarel, there are a handful of makeshift camps established by groups that wish to search the ruins for ancient treasure.

The Black Arrow—a mercenary band known for employing a wide range of humanoid races.

The Seekers—a generally peaceful group with the common goal of finding the White Lady.

The Shadowborn—The players have had only one smal altercation with the Shadowborn, when they disrupted a potential alliance with the King of Ghouls. They seem to be altered in some way.

Bleak’s Band—This group of kobolds makes their camp beneath the Red Fortress. They are known to ambush adventurers in the ruins, but are also masters at “corpse recovery”.

Vannick’s Camp—Led by a prominent noble, these dragonborn are new to the ruins. Vannick, their leader, is rumored to be searching for the White Lady to find the “worthiest of mates”.

Foehammer’s Camp—The party knows very little about this group of dwarves and their reason for being in the ruins.


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