The village of King’s Landing was the starting point for the campaign. It’s a small, but important village and the closest thing to home for the adventurers. The village lies at the juncture of two rivers.


Antlers—Although the town had always had a public house, it never really had a need for a true inn. With the new traffic brought by the town’s portal, an expansive inn was hastily built to accomodate the travellers. Although most locals avoid public houses, it is very popular with travelers.

The inn is owned and operated by “Fat Sam” Wagler, a local businessman known more for his hunting skills than his business acumen. Almost every surface of the public room is overed with trophies of his kills, including a huge rack of deer antlers above the front door that gives the inn its name.

The Green Stone Tower—Simply known as the Tower to the locals, this building is, by far, the tallest structure in the town. This seven sided tower is made of an unusual (and clearly unnatural) green stone. It is the home of the village’s best known figure, Nimorranzan the Green. Also known as Master Green or the Wizard Green, Nimorranzan is a powerful arcane caster.

Near the base of the Green Stone Tower is a large stone courtyard that contains a permanent linked portal. Nimorranzan opens this portal three times a week to accomodate the Founders who are constructing the town’s defensive walls.

The Bridge—This massive, ancient and ornate structure crosses the King’s River. It has been remarkably preserved for thousands of years. It is wide enough for several carriages to travel side by side and is a popular destination for young townspeople.


The King’s River—This long and powerful river drains the western slope of the Backbone Mountains and is an important source of irrigation and fish (including the popular sunfish). It is also called the Grand River in some areas.

There is a small community a two day’s travel downriver called Cypress Mill.

The Icy River—This unnaturaly cold river (also called “the chill”) originates on the Sarel Mesa (part of the Backbone Mountains) and moves through the Rime Wood before merging into the King’s River at King’s Landing. The water from this river is frigid all year round and not even the hardiest fish can survive in the river.

Rimewood—This evergreen forest is located along the Icy River a day’s travel to the north west of King’s Landing. This forest has been unnaturally cold for so long that the forest creatures have adapted to the year-round snow and ice.

There is a small community called Lone Grove on the edge of the forest, mostly home to hunters and trappers that make their living in Rimewood.

Baldknob—This small granite hill is a few leagues south of town. It’s a well-known and visible landmark, but is avoided by the townspeople because it has been the home to many famous bandits and outlaws over the years.

Backbone Mountains—This is are a low mountain range (that slightly resembles the backbone of a great beast) a day’s ride to the west. The mountains are said to as rich in silver as they are in goblins.

Stonewall—Stonewall is the only known dwarven community for hundreds of miles in any direction. They make their home in the Backbone Mountains and have very little interaction with the people of King’s Landing.

Johnny Grave Mountain—This is a hill on the north side of town.

Potato Hill—The Rigdon family has claimed Potato Hill as their home, two leagues west of town. The Rigdon Brothers were an infamous group of bandits until their leaders were captured by the adventurers. The large halfling family still runs a small trading company that specializes in recovering ancient artifacts and items of antiquity.

The Cowen Rocks—A day’s ride east from King’s Landing is a small and inhospital mountain called the Cowen Rocks. It’s rumored to be the home of a tribe of kobolds, but some say that a dragon has moved into the many caves of Cowen Rocks. There’s a small mining town named Bluffton on the other side of the Cowen Rocks.

Babyhead Mountain—This small, but steep hill two day’s ride to the south east of the town. An ancient story of a decapitated child gives this mountain it’s name. It’s often used as an excuse for hostility against the Chanas. A small village named Babyhead lies at the base of the hill.


There are three major groups of people in King’s Landing.

The Townspeople—These are mostly settlers that came to the area many generations ago. They see themselves as the inheritors of the land because they reclaimed it and rebuilt the town. They have some conflict with the “child races” (goblins and kobolds mostly) and the Chanas. The majority of the townpeople belong to an insular sect dedicated to old ways called the Ordun (they are often called Sun Singers or Seekers by people outside the community). This community is led by Parson Azariah Raber.

The Chanas—The Dragonborn that dominated this valley were driven into the hills by invading goblins more than a century ago. They have managed to thrive in the hills. Their largest community is called Sudduth (a well defended village to the east of Cowen Rocks). They feel King’s Landing is part of their territory, but aren’t willing to fight over it. At least not yet.

The Founders—The Priesthood of Erathis has a major temple in the coastal city of Cipher. The priesthood, called the Founders, has an elaborate plan to spread civilization to the surrounding towns and villages. Recently they came to an agreement with Lord Troyer. In return for vassaling to the city of Cipher, King’s Landing gains their protestion, including a defensive stone wall and a linked lortal (known as the Ciphergate).


Saul Troyer, Lord of King’s Landing
  • Lord Troyer is a middle-aged man that’s kept in fine physical condition. He’s well known as a horseman and a skilled hunter. Although he’s not in peak shape, he’s probably more dangerous to the pork pies at Antlers than he is to a potential assassin.
  • Local legend says that the Troyers were given the hereditary title of Lord almost a century ago. A king (just which king and when is often disputed) landed in the small town when his ship was damaged by a storm. In gratitude for his hospitality, the local rancher was given the title of “lord of this wonderful little land”. And so it has remained for many generations.
  • In the region surrounding the town of King’s Landing, Lord Troyer has precedence over other individuals and has various special powers, rights and privileges. The merchants of King’s Landing made a compact with Lord Troyer to make the village a “free town” and outside Lord Troyer’s direct influence. In return, they have given him the title of Mayor and a percentage of their revenue.
  • Troyer wears the Collar of Orlan, a chain of 23 silver circular emblems. It is said the Collar of Orlan protects the region in times of trouble.
  • Saul Troyer controls a considerable amount land outside of the city, including a well defended keep that houses and employs many families. He divides his time traveling between Oldway Keep and his residence in King’s Landing.
  • Saul Troyer is firm, but fair, to those who work in his demesnes.
  • Saul recently made a deal with the city of Cipher. In return for his pledge of loyalty, King’s Landing is brought into the city’s network of linked portals and the Founders have erected a defensive wall around the town.
Nimorranzan the Green
  • The Wizard Green is thought to be the most powerful member of the community. He’s clearly a wizard of great power and seems to have mastered the power of the Green Stone Tower.
  • No one knows where Nimorranzan originated (many believe Cipher but others believe he is from lands even more distant). It is known that he came to the Ruins of Sarel in search of the White Lady. According to the most common take, he found the Oracle of Sarel and she spoke to him. What exchanged between them is unknown, but he left the ruins and made his way to King’s Landing. Since he arrived, he has never left (and says he never will).
  • Before Nimorranzan arrived a dozen years ago, no one had been able to enter the Green Stone Tower. The town had grown up around the tower (probably because it was a convenient landmark). He claimed the tower and founded the Greenstone Wizards Guild.
  • Nimorranzan is a notorious womanizer and a frequent patron to Antlers. His love of food and wine has made him a bit portly.
  • He opens the Ciphergate (the linked portal to Cipher) twice a week. He also opens a linked portal to Spandrel once per week.
Parson Azariah Raber
  • A well-respected religious leader and one of the most influential people in the town. He is a gifted priest of Pelor and one of the town’s few ritual casters. Azariah Raber is the only person in King’s Landing (besides Nimorranzan) that knows the Raise Dead ritual.
  • He is modest, pious and composed. Although he is part of an insular community he is very compassionate and is willing to help (or offer guidance to) others outside of his community.
  • He is the bearer of the Lantern, a powerful Peloran artefact that is said to burn away fear and hatred to those that are exposed to its magical light (leaving only love and humility). Every hearth in the town is lit from the fire of this lantern.
  • Like all Peloran priests, Azariah keeps his head and beard shaved. It is said that the name of every family member is tattooed on his body—his sun bronzed skin a living prayer scroll to Pelor (although modesty prevents anyone from seeing it). He’s in remarkable shape for a man of his age and attributes his robust health to the light of the Lantern.
Sheriff Amos Lantz
  • Sheriff Lantz rarely carries a weapon, but has been known to fight off bears and goblins with his bare knuckles.
  • Amos makes an effort to never get involved in town politics and isn’t particularly pious. He’s a confirmed bachelor, but he prefers hunting and fishing to courting. He has the best kennel in the town and has trained the town’s well known guard dogs.
  • He’s fair, honest and soft-spoken and has never been known to lose his even composure.
  • Some say that he wears a fine chain suit under his tunic that was made by elves. It is rumored that armor is indestructible and it’s wearer can’t be harmed by earthly weapons (and that’s why he doesn’t bother carrying a weapon).
  • Others say that Sheriff Lantz can summon a weapon of pure energy to defend himself. No one has ever seen this, but somehow the rumor persists.
  • He’s one of the few adult men of King’s Landing that doesn’t wear a beard. He says it’s because he’s not married, but many think it’s to remain neutral between the townspeople and the Founders.
Deputy Yonal Burkholder (called “Yonnie”)
  • Yonnie is a young, deeply religious man, member of the Order.
  • He’s a skilled swordsman. He spent three years with the Sage Knights and learned how to fight with a blade by the most skilled of their order. He carries a massive magical great sword that glows brightly when drawn.
  • A popular story says that Yonnie’s sword is an ancient and extremely powerful weapon. One story tells of the blade slicing through an anvil like cheese.
  • He’s courting Katie Troyer, daughter of the Lord Mayor. This is a popular subject of conversation in the village.
  • Yonnie is slightly built, but is very graceful. He has a red beard that he keeps maticulously well trimmed (it’s the practice of his people to stop cutting the beard when he marries).


The Lost Almagres Mine—A legendary silver mine said to exist in the hills around King’s Landing. It has been the center of many tall tales.

The Chanas—According to legend, the ruined city beneath King’s Landing was part of an ancient Dragonborn empire that fell into ruin centuries ago. The Chanas are said to be the last decendants of the inhabitants of that ancient city.


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