This militant order of knights patrols The Great Stair and barracks in a small tower at the midpoint of the winding path. They are sworn to protect the pilgrims that climb the stair to the Pillar of Mother Cassian.

Paladins of Ioun are common in their ranks, but so are paladins and clerics of other good deities. There are also a number of wizards that serve with the Sage Knights.

The Sage Knights ride specially trained giant riding lizards called gomera (singular and plural). Trained to fight from their mounts, the knights are capable warriors on the steep and treacherous stair.

The current Master of the Order is William Troyer, youngest brother to Lord Troyer of King’s Landing. As a young man, William was trained as a priest but found that his interests led him down the path of an adventurer. Thirty years ago he came to Sarel and was visited by the White Lady in a dream. She told him the secrets of Overlook and asked him to found a military order with the goal of protecting the pilgrims that come to the Ruins of Sarel. Although a devout Peloran, he founded the Sage Knights. Master Troyer has little interaction with the people of Wellspring or Spandrel, keeping his knights focused on the path between them and on the various tribes of orcs and goblins that prey upon them.

The party’s first encounter with the Sage Knights was with Brother-Sergeant Lucan White and his squire Laris. They came upon the group after they dispatched a clutch of kruthnik and saved three pilgrims. Lucan was very impressed with the group, in particular Matthias and Bergeron. Lucan has dropped hints that both should consider joining the Sage Knights ranks.

Dangers on the Great Stair Although patrolled by the ever-vigilant Sage Knights, there are many dangers to be faced on The Great Stair.

Kruthniks (and other horrors) burrow from inside the mountain when they sense movement on the steps.


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