The Green Stone Tower (simply known as “the tower” to the locals) is probably the tallest structure for hundreds of miles in any direction. Even seasoned adventurers marvel at the seventy-foot greenstone tower.

The tower was once home to a powerful guild of wizards, but was vacant for generations until Nimorranzan claimed the tower a few decades ago. It is of ancient and unusual design—it has seven sides and no visible windows or doors.

Near the base of the Green Stone Tower is a large stone courtyard that contains a permanent linked portal. Visitors to the tower use this portal to transport to a sister portal at the spire of the tower.

Nimorranzan has only explored five floors of this ancient structure. No one knows what has prevented him from exploring the rest. He has mentioned in passing “a great green stone in the belly of the tower” (similar to the exterior of the tower and the greenstone amulets worn by the party). He believes that is the source of the tower’s magical energy.


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