The Great Stair ends at Wellspring, just outside the casemate wall surrounding the Ruins of Sarel. Although the villages of Spandrel and Wellspring are near each other, The Great Stair is a tremendous gulf between the two villages. As a result, there are almost no similarities between the neighboring towns. Only since Olano has been opening the portal to Spandrel has there been any communication.

Unlike Spandrel, Wellspring is more of a fortified base of operations for adventurers than a functioning town. The town is tightly controlled and policed by the Red Monks, so many adventurers prefer to live in The Camps, makeshift tent city between the walls of Wellspring and the Ruins of Sarel.

The Red Monastery—The players don’t know much about the monastery. It is commonly known that it was founded more than two decades ago by an adventurer who came seeking knowledge and was constructed of the red stone recovered from the ruined tower of the Red Fortress. The players have been warned that the Red Monks are particularly dangerous in close combat. It’s also known that they brew “Red Monk whiskey” from the chokeberries are common on the plateau.

Money Lender The tiefling Kamath acts as bank and moneylender for the people of Wellspring. His small, but well defended shop is neatly organized and dripping with items of value that have been left as collateral for loans.

His fiendish heritage can be seen in his glowing golden eyes, long tail, reddish skin and sweeping horns. He is very vain and wears all red to carefully match his skintone. He uses his glowing eyes to intimidate customers late on their payments and has a strong relationship with the mercenaries of the Black Arrow.

Kamath will make loans of up to 500 gp without collateral, but loans above that amount require that the borrow leave in his care an item worth at least 20% more the amount of the loan. He charges 10% per week to new clients, but returning customers can negotiate a better rate. He’s also willing to exchange gemstones and jewelry for gold for a small fee.

The Dirty Habit - This is by far the most popular establishment in Wellspring (and the only establishment where Red Monks can be seen eating or drinking outside the monastery - hence the name). Besides the local whiskey, the Dirty Habit has a broad range of beer, wine and stronger spirits.

Since fighting will get you exiled from Wellspring, patrons are very courteous and cautious in the Dirty Habit. This leads to some very interesting situations; you’ll see hated enemies sharing a drink.

The Crucible—This is one of the few stone structures inside the walls of Wellspring. A three-story arena where weekly gladiatorial events are staged.


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